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Art in the Ordinary

This series looks at ordinary objects and spaces that often go unnoticed. I find the art in these ordinary things and maybe people will look at these spaces differently.

Photos created by Janell Lancaster Photography

IMG_5890 (2).jpg
_DSC0522 (2)_edited.jpg
_DSC0508 (2)_edited.jpg
_DSC0570 (2).jpg
_DSC0017 (2)_edited_edited.jpg
_DSC0521 (2)_edited.jpg
_DSC0050 (2)_edited.jpg
_DSC0572 (2)_edited.jpg
_DSC0147 (2)_edited.jpg
_DSC0083 (2).jpg
IMG_6425 (2).jpg
IMG_5661 (2)_edited.jpg
_DSC0070 (2).jpg
IMG_6181 (2).jpg
_DSC0119 (2)_edited.jpg
IMG_6459 (2)_edited.jpg
IMG_6416 (3).jpg
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